Services include

  • Mechanical tree and hedge planter
  • Winch tractor and timber forwarder
  • Wild flower and conservation grassland seeder, ideal for establishing field margins and wild flower meadows
  • 360° digger / excavator for ditch and pond maintenance and creation
  • Compact tractor and equipment, ideal for paddock management, stable cleaning, etc
  • Thistle, ragwort and dock control in paddock and plantations
  • Specialist drill for establishing a wide range and choice of game crops
  • Watering systems for trees and shrubs

We operate a wide range of specialist and woodland equipment. Whether you need to excavate a pond, control invasive weeds, extract cut timber, or cultivate conservation headlands, we can supply the right machinery and experienced operators – all fully insured.

We do provide:

  • Trees and shrubs for woodland planting
  • Hedging plants for formal and natives species plantings
  • Specimen garden and amenity trees
  • Tree and shrub protective shelters, and stakes
  • Full range of fencing materials for farm and woodland
  • Wildflower seed mixes
  • Bird and bat boxes
  • Grey squirrel control measures
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