Services we provide

  • Farm and garden conservation and advisory service
  • Threatened habitat and protected species guidance
  • Agri-environment scheme grant applications
  • Implementation of 10-year management plans under conservation schemes
  • Recreating native grassland
  • Hedge coppicing, management and maintenance
  • Pond rehabilitation and creation
  • Wildlife habitat restoration


We can assist with applications for Countryside Stewardship Grants, Woodland Creation Grants, Ash Dieback Replacement Grants, Felling Licences and Woodland Management Plans.


Ponds, lakes, streams and rivers provide habitat for a range of plants and animals and are important features of the landscape. Greenlink Forestry Ltd can advise you on ways of enhancing and improving such features. We also carry out pond creation and riverbank restoration, supply appropriate aquatic plants and have been involved in a wide range of water and wetland projects.


Hedgerows, spinneys and veteran trees are an integral part of the traditional UK landscape.  We aim to manage hedgerows as a sort of winter foods for birds and nectar for butterflies and other insects.

We carry out a professional planting and aftercare service. We also supply good-quality hedging plants, shrubs and trees (including specimen trees), and accessories.


The decline in traditional meadows, caused partly by the intensification of farming practices over the years, has adversely affected many native wildlife species. Consequently, the management of existing sites as well as the creation of new wildflower-rich grassland is a priority.  We supply site-specific seed mixes for your particular purpose.


Farm ecosystems have struggled in recent decades due to urban development, population growth, climate change and the intensification of agriculture. The need to protect habitats for declining numbers of birds, animals and other invertebrates, is increasingly important. With careful management, efficient and productive farming can well co-exist with a rich diversity of wildlife. Greenlink Forestry has the skills and expertise to achieve this balance.

How can we help you with conservation?