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Set up in 1997 after 20 years’ previous trading experience, Greenlink Forestry Ltd combines a professional contracting service with advice on woodland management, nature conservation and care for the wider countryside.

Farm and amenity woodlands are extremely valuable both in landscape terms and the benefit they bring as a haven for wild flora and fauna. Over a period of several decades the difficulties of managing small areas of woodland have led to their neglect. Similarly the network of hedgerows has been reduced in part to accommodate the needs of modern farming. The amenity value that both woods and hedgerows bring to the countryside is now fully recognized. Both farmers and home-owners are now contributing greatly to restoring a more balanced habitat throughout the country.

Greenlink Forestry Ltd is there to help them continue to improve this trend and offers our wide experience to help provide advice and a cost effective contracting service.

Conservation and habitat restoration

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Forestry management and contracting services

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Seasoned, kiln dried and DIY roundwood

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